Torque motor with integrated cooling system

In order to simplify the implementation of liquid cooling with torque motors and ease the mounting into direct-drive machine applications, Nimble Electric torque motors can now be ordered with a closed cooling jacket pre-built around it. 

Frameless torque motors

For over half a decade, Nimble Electric has been producing high quality frameless torque motors that are used in hundreds of machines around India. Still, several industries have not fully embraced the use of torque motors, and with Nimble Electric pre-integrated closed cooling jackets now available in India, building a torque motor into a machine is easier than ever. 

How was it in the past?

In the past, the cooling channels outside of a torque motor required that the user design a jacket around it and a number of factors would complicate this procedure such as locations of the liquid inputs and outputs, water tightness, rustproof/non-porous material, etc. 

Our state of the art machining and assembly sections ensures every motor is dimensionally precise. Our winding section ensures every copper conductor is optimal in our motors. The Vacuum Impregnation and Encapsulation units installed offers electrical and mechanical robustness.

Cooling jackets

Now that Nimble Electric offers a closed cooling jacket for all its torque motor sizes, the design process is simplified and makes the direct drive easier than ever as this option allows greater flexibility with the location of the motor. The easier implementation also allows the direct drive to expand to many more industries, giving more OEMs the ability to take advantage of its many features.Each Nimble Electric motor that comes with a cooling jacket is the exact same model as if it were ordered without which means it offers the same performance as previously listed on its datasheets. It also allows for all varieties of windings, cables, sensors, and bridges along with two output options of an axial or radial output to accommodate any machine design.

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