“Future is Electric” a challenge which Nimble Electric (A strategic Business Unit of UCAM Pvt. Ltd.) is ready to respond with its new & improved electric motors and creating a benchmark in the areas of precision, quality and efficiency. With the help of a strong R&D team, Nimble Electric is maintaining an edge over the competition.

Nimble Electric offers a full range of diversified products and applications including custom-engineered high precision Torque Motors, Direct Drives, High Precision Antenna-Testing Fixtures and Tethered Multicopter for demanding environments. At Nimble Electric, we also believe that our service is complete only when bolstered by a unique level of product support, including engineering development and after-sales support for critical application requirements.


“Synchronous Motors – BLDC Motors / Torque Motors”

We offer wide range of torque motors of low cogging design & unparalleled thermal efficiency. These motors are compact in design and provide better torque density as well as high peak torque. The BLDC / Torque Motors are ideal for applications where it is desirable to minimize Size, Weight, Power & Response time and Quite in performance. The BLDC / Torque Motors are available in Natural Cooling, Forced Air Cooling or Forced Water Cooling.

Custom Built Motors

Nimble Electric specializes in designing and manufacturing of highly reliable Custom Built High Performance Motors. Our strong in-house R&D team, advanced technology and hands on experience in various application related projects allows us to give Custom-built solutions as per requirement.


Permanent Magnet Motors (PM motors)

A Permanent magnet motor is an AC motor that uses magnets imbedded into or attached to the surface of the motor’s rotor. The magnets are used to generate a constant motor flux instead of requiring the stator field to generate one by linking to the rotor, as is the case with an induction motor rotor and a squirrel cage motor’s rotor bars to maximize torque and efficiency.

A Permanent magnet motor can be divided into two main categories:

  1. Surface permanent magnet motors (SPM) and
  2. Interior permanent magnet motors (IPM)

Nimble Electric motors are highly efficient in terms of power, speed, strength and reliable making them compatible for applications in various industries like Electrical Vehicles, Defense, Medical & Healthcare, Drones, Radars/ Antenna Positioning, Gimbals, Robotic Actuators, Machine Tools etc.


Our Torque Motors and Customer Built High Performance Motors are well accepted in various industries.  We thank our Customers for giving opportunity to serve them through the repeat orders.


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