Synchronous Motors

“Synchronous Motors – BLDC Motors / Torque Motors”

We offer wide range of torque motors of low cogging design & unparalleled thermal efficiency. These motors are compact in design and provide better torque density as well as high peak torque. The BLDC / Torque Motors are ideal for applications where it is desirable to minimize Size, Weight, Power & Response time and Quite in performance.The BLDC / Torque Motors are available in Natural Cooling, Forced Air Cooling or Forced Water Cooling.

Motors are available in various Voltage range namely:

  • ORION – 600
  • VAAYU – 175 V
  • PHOENIX – 48 V
  • OPAL – 24 V
  • TOPAZ – 24 V / 600 V
  • HUB MOTORS – 48V / 600 V


  • High torque density
    Adaptable directly onto application
  • Exceptional peak force density in the magnetic gap
  • Unparalleled thermal efficiency
  • Higher efficiency
    Superlative dielectric strength
  • Powerful high temperature grade neodymium magnets
  • Halogen free cables

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